COVID-19 Update 

The staff at Oroville Hospital Post Acute Center would like to extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to the residents and families we have the honor of serving for your patience and understanding during the COVID-19 Pandemic. While we must remain vigilant and prepared for COVID-19, the guidelines have been modified to allow less stringent practices for Skilled Nursing Facilities. Our residents’ safety is always a priority as well as maintaining connection with family and loved ones for their psychosocial wellbeing. We continue to closely monitor updates from our local health department as well as the CDC and CDPH in regards to COVID-19, its variants, and precautionary steps we need to take to protect our staff and residents. We will continue to provide updates regarding COVID-19 as new information becomes available.

Visitors are not required to be tested or show proof of vaccination in order to visit loved ones. However, visitors must continue to comply with CDPH Masking Guidance while visiting loved ones indoors. Visitation does not require an appointment and has no time limit. Larger parties will be accommodated as appropriate space allows, and visitors are encouraged to reach out to our team to coordinate visitation in a larger communal space. Visitors will still be required to be screened for symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and follow the core principles of infection prevention and control including wearing a well-fitting face mask and wearing any other PPE facility personnel deem appropriate to the situation while in the facility. Visitors who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are still completing isolation, visitors who have had close contact with individuals with confirmed COVID-19 infection, and visitors who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 are requested to defer non-urgent visitation until CDC criteria to discontinue isolation or quarantine have been met.

We will continue to offer family members alternative ways to communicate with their loved ones through video chat, phone calls, text messages, or social media. Please contact our facility directly to discuss all available options to include visitation so we can do our best to assist you and your loved one.

We will continue to provide you with updates as needed. Please know that we are adhering to guidelines from the local and state health departments, which continue to evolve as we learn more about this virus and its variants. We know that you may have questions, and we encourage you to reach out to our center. Please refer to our website at for updates, or call us at (530) 533-7335 about the status of your loved one.



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