Smoking Policy

At Oroville Post Acute Center, smoking is permitted in designated areas only.

Please ask the nursing staff where it is appropriate to smoke. Residents are supervised when smoking, whether using actual cigarettes or e-cigarettes. Only disposable/non-charging e-cigarettes are permitted

Smoking in resident rooms is not allowed. Tobacco products and fire materials are not allowed in resident rooms. Residents store tobacco products and fire materials at the nurses’ station or other Center designated location. Smoking materials are not provided by the Center. A resident who desires to smoke is responsible for supplying his or her own smoking materials.

Residents who desire to smoke tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, or pipes, including electronic e-cigarettes) must first complete the Center’s Smoking Safety Evaluation. Residents smoke only in designated smoking areas, pursuant to Center policy. Residents will comply with care plans that require interventions, including, but not limited to, smoking assistance. Residents who smoke are required to utilize NFPA 701 Compliant Smoking Aprons at all times when they smoke.

The resident and the resident group agree that smoking is dangerous and can cause fires, explosions, or both. The resident and resident group expressly assume all risk, damage, or both, that may result from the resident smoking on Center property.


Oxygen is not allowed in designated smoking areas at any time, including: oxygen cylinders, even if they are shut off; compressed gas oxygen cylinders, even if the valve is closed; and liquid oxygen containers, even if valve flow is set at zero. Smokers remain at least 25 feet away from oxygen in use.

Residents who use oxygen are instructed to remove the mask or cannula, shut off the oxygen supply, and to wait for the oxygen to dissipate for a minimum of 5 minutes prior to smoking.

It is our policy and a requirement under federal law to prohibit smoking when it threatens the health or welfare of others. If we feel that the health and welfare of others are threatened, we will prohibit smoking or impose additional rules and restrictions.

Education on smoking cessations is provided for residents and responsible parties at their request. Education material may be obtained from the American Cancer Society or American Lung Association.


Currently, medical marijuana is legal under some state laws, but remains illegal under federal law. Consequently, the Center does not allow or condone the use of medical marijuana on its property.


    Quick Facts

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  • 126 beds
  • Admissions 24/7
  • Parking with Wheelchair Access
  • In-Room Telephone Access
  • Free Cable for Residents and Guests
  • Post-Acute Unit and Flat-Screen TVs and Telephones
  • Beautician Services Available
  • Medicare and Medicaid Certified
  • Preferred Provider in Several HMO Networks
Smoking Policy