Preparing for Admission

Whether you’ll be in our care for a few days, weeks, or longer, our goal is to help you recover and participate in day-to-day activities at your highest level of independence. We are also here as a caring resource for you and your family while you make progress during your stay.

We understand that your first few hours and days with us may be overwhelming. While you adjust to your new community life, we encourage you and your family members to get to know the center’s staff, ask questions and learn about your care, understand that time and information will help you feel more comfortable here.

On behalf of all of us at Oroville Post Acute, we extend you and your family a warm welcome.


Admission into our center takes place over several days. We have a professional, knowledgeable and compassionate admissions director and social worker to guide you through the admission process. We will coordinate the transition from the hospital, other health care settings, or your home into our center. Assistance with Medicare and Medicaid is provided along with help in filling out the necessary paperwork.

Your stay begins with a complete assessment of cognitive and physical health so that your care team may provide you with comprehensive attention specific to the care you need. Our daily routines are consistent, and life-enriching activities are a part of every day. Our team creates the least restrictive living situation possible for residents. Knowing our residents on an individual level makes us able to provide not only the dignity and respect you deserve, but to also provide personalized care plans tailored to your individual needs.


Care plans are individualized for every patient based on their diagnosis and needs. The goal is to maximize each patient’s functional abilities, restoring him or her to an optimal functional level. We complete these plans in individual meetings between you and a member of our staff. Your needs and the risks associated with them change over time, and we review your plan of care regularly to make sure it continues to meet your needs.


Care conferences are held regularly for every person receiving care in our center. They help you and your care team share information and work together to meet your needs.

You play an important role in your care conferences. Taking part in your own care planning is a right protected by law and one you should take advantage of if you can. We encourage you and your family to attend you care conferences and let your care team know what you think about your plan of care and/or suggest changes. You or your family can also request a special care conference at any time.


You have the right to refuse to follow your physician’s orders or care services (such as showers, personal hygiene, medications, treatments, or activities). If you refuse your physician’s orders or care services, the center is obligated to inform you, your interdisciplinary team, your responsible party, your physician, and your family of the risks associated with refusing services and the benefits of participation.


You have an important role in managing your pain! Our policy is to respect and support your right to appropriate pain assessment and management.

If you are in pain, your doctor or nurse may ask you to describe your pain in order to determine the appropriate action to take to minimize and manage your pain.


Medications require a physician’s order and are administered on a routine basis. If you will be away from the center during medication pass, please let the nursing staff know. If you wish to self-administer your medications, you must first complete the Self-Medication Evaluation and receive approval from both your physician and the nursing staff.


If your health changes and it is no longer possible for us to meet your needs, you may be transferred to more appropriate accommodations. When your health improves sufficiently that you no longer need our services, you will be discharged home.


To help you prepare for your stay, here is a list of items you should and should not bring with you to the Center:


  • Toiletries

Electric shaver, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, make-up, etc. 

  • Comfortable Daytime Clothes

Sweat pants, t-shirts, shorts, or any items that do not snap or button are recommended, understanding you will be out of bed and exercising in the gym.

  •  Sleepwear & Non-Slip Slippers

Several sets of sleepwear if you prefer not to wear the gowns provided, as well as non-slip slippers for nighttime wear.

  • Comforting Personal Items

Such as photographs, pillows, blankets, etc.

  • Glasses or Hearing Aides

    For your security and the safety of your personal belongings please leave any valuable items at home or with family or friends. We advise against bringing the following items:

    • Jewelry, Credit Cards, or Other Valuables

    If you would like to have some personal money for spending, please discuss this with our Business Office Manager.

    • Medications from Home

    This includes prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, pain relievers, vitamins, laxatives, cold medicines, antacids, herbal supplements, etc.

    • Alcohol & Tobacco

    If you or your visitors choose to use tobacco products, please see Center Smoking Policies. Your Center may be a non-smoking facility.

    • Electrical Appliances

    To ensure the safety of all our Residents, we ask that you notify a staff member when you bring appliances into the building for personal use. By law, extension cords and three-prong adaptors are not permitted.

    Quick Facts

  • Skilled Nursing Facility
  • 126 beds
  • Admissions 24/7
  • Parking with Wheelchair Access
  • In-Room Telephone Access
  • Free Cable for Residents and Guests
  • Post-Acute Unit and Flat-Screen TVs and Telephones
  • Beautician Services Available
  • Medicare and Medicaid Certified
  • Preferred Provider in Several HMO Networks
Preparing for Admission